Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia

Advanced Training

It's a common misconception that once a pilot receives their PG2 licence that there is no need for any further instruction. The reality is that the PG2 licence means you know how to launch and land with some very basic soaring skills. To truly master paragliding, especially XC flying, takes hundreds of hours of experience, professional coaching and more than a few years. In fact, you actually never stop learning. Thats what makes Paragliding so great. 

So why try and figure it all out by yourself when you can have an expert help critique and improve your thermal skills, guide you away from the hill on your first XC's or take you on intense Cross Country tandem flights sharing all their personal secrets and tips for flying further and faster.


For licenced SAFA pilots Paratech Paragliding offer a variety of services and training from a simple refresher, intensive one on one cross country tuition, XC tandem flights and of course our famous Boot Camp and Airborne Assault courses.

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  • Free licence upgrades for PG2, PG3, PG4 and PG5  

  • Refresher courses / days

  • One on one coaching

  • Boot Camp and Airborne Assault Courses

  • XC flying and thermal master classes

  • XC Tandem Flights

  • Sports Tandem endorsements 

  • Speed wing/mini wing courses

  • Skydiving & Hang Gliding conversions

  • International licence conversions                     

  • Online VHF Radio Endorsements

  • Local site guides/Retrieves


You can contact us, obligation free, to discuss your specific needs and see if you think we have what it takes to take you to the next level.

Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia

One on One Coaching

We do some basic Q & A in the days beforehand to identify what your strength and weaknesses are and what it is exactly that you want improve on for a more personalized experience. It may be thermal theory and some inflight radio tuition to increase a pilots climbing efficiency. Other pilots may benefit from a tandem XC flight to help improve their confidence in turbulence and orientation around the local area. Some pilots want a radio guide on their first XC flight over the back. One thing is for certain, and that is, every pilot is not the same as the next, so why not have some coaching that is specific for your individual needs?

We are also flexible on picking our training days and if the weather is totally unsuitable we simply postpone until it is. No-one likes sitting around when it's obviously crap. We want to see you fly.

1/2 day 4hrs        $195

Full day 4hrs+     $295

Tandem XC         $295

Boot Camps

Harden up Buttercup!

Paratech's popular Boot Camps book out fast so if you can make up a group of 4-6 pilots we'll take you on and kick you into shape with a dawn start 1/2 day designed to iron out any bad habits you have developed and get you battle ready again.

Boot Camps are aimed at any current PG2/3 pilots who have simply not been flying regularly or are feeling a bit left behind by the other troops.

Dawn til 12pm $120.00

Airborne Assault

Learn how to carve up the sky and totally humiliate all your flying buddies on this intensive one day thermal clinic and XC session.

Basically a thermalling wake up call for all those pilots who can't figure out how to climb fast and fly faster while all the others hit the dirt.

This course runs on demand for 4 pilots only. Retrieves included.

8am- 4pm $250.00


Mini Wing Course

SAFA now require pilots who fly with a wing loading higher than 5kg per m2 (mini wings/speed wings) to have a speed wing endorsement. You must hold a PG4 rating or skydiving C licence and PG3 paragliding licence.

Whether you want to just do hike and fly or hoon in the dunes we help can get you there.

$295 per day