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tandem paragliding gold coast australia
Tandem Flights

Tandem Paragliding 

The best way to experience paragliding with no training required.
tandem paragliding australia
paragliding lessons australia

Tandem Experience Flights $225 - Tandem Soaring Flights $350

Launch from some of the highest commercial flying sites in Australia less than 1hr from the Brisbane CBD and Gold Coast areas, not far from the popular tourist town of Canungra.

All of our mountain launch sites are between 1700 and 1900ft above sea level and offer panoramic views of surrounding rainforest, farmland, the Great Dividing Range and Scenic Rim. 

You'll meet your pilot on location and after completing an online waiver, will be fitted into a harness and have a preflight safety briefing with some practice runs before walking out onto the launch area for the ride of your life!

You'll experience a real thrill and adrenaline rush as you run towards the edge and are lifted into the air as the paraglider builds up speed. Once seated in your harness in front of the pilot you have an unrestricted view of the landscape far below as you glide out to the landing area at speeds of around 40kph.


Your pilot will launch and land the glider. During your flight the pilot will explain and demonstrate the controls and if conditions allow, the passenger will be invited to actually fly the glider while under supervision. This is not compulsory and some passengers may choose to just enjoy the ride and soak up the views before landing.

We don't take in-flight pictures or video but can supply (at no extra charge) a Bluetooth compatible "selfie" stick that you can fit onto your own iPhone, Android phone or GoPro and you can take your own footage.

Tandem passengers must be 12 years of age or older, weigh no heavier than 90kg and no lighter than 40kg. You must be able to run 5-10 steps so the Instructor can build up a safe takeoff speed before leaving the ground. Suitable footwear such as walking or running shoes must be worn. Thongs, bare feet, business shoes or high heels are not allowed. Comfortable clothing should be worn and an extra layer such as a jacket or windcheater is a good idea as it can be several degrees colder at altitude.


Please allow around 1hour for your entire tandem experience including travel up to the mountain. Actual flight time is around 10-15 minutes depending on the weather conditions.


Tandem Experience Flights $225

Gift vouchers are available

A tandem experience flight is a quick and easy way to experience all the excitement and thrills of launching from a spectacular high mountain launch and taking a short flight down to the landing. You can have a go at steering the paraglider during this flight or just sit back and soak up the view while an experienced tandem pilot flies the paraglider. A great bucket list item for yourself or a perfect gift for anyone who has always wanted to just have a go.

Tandem Soaring Flights $350

Tandem soaring flights are available but require very specific weather conditions for the glider to maintain height or climb up high above the mountain top. Soaring flights in the scenic rim area allow incredible views of the Gold Coast, Brisbane skyline and the Great Diving Range but can be a very intense experience at times and not suitable for anyone who suffers from vertigo or motion sickness. Participants can book in advance but must check in via text 24hrs prior to confirm they are available and if the weather is suitable. These flights are around 25min duration and payment can only be made on the day with cash or credit card.

Gift vouchers are not available for tandem soaring flights.

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