Tandem Paragliding Flights

The best way to experience real Paragliding. No training required

Video: Join one of our highly experienced instructors in a glider built for two and soar high above the Gold Coast Hinterland with  panoramic views of rainforest, farmland, ancient volcano's and distant coastlines.

Tandem Paragliding Flights

Price: $290

We fly from some of the highest commercial launches available in Australia so if you are looking for an adventure, ticking off a bucket list or wanting a great introduction into paragliding, you simply can't get any higher than this!


A Tandem Paraglider is a purpose built certified aircraft that is much larger than a standard Paraglider so that it can carry the weight of two people. The Tandem Paraglider is flown by the pilot positioned behind the passenger and each has their own separate comfortable seat harness. The harness allows the legs to be lowered during takeoff and landing but during the flight you are sitting back in a comfortable semi reclined position.

The pilot launches, flies and lands the glider. During each flight the pilot will explain and demonstrate the controls and if conditions allow, the passenger will be invited to actually fly the Tandem glider and practice some turns while under direct supervision of the pilot. This part is not compulsory and some passengers may choose to just enjoy the ride and soak up the views.


We don't take in-flight pictures or video but can supply (at no extra charge) a Bluetooth compatible "selfie" stick that you can fit onto your own iPhone, Android phone or GoPro and you can take your own footage. Our pilots prefer to focus on flying rather than fiddle around with cameras.


Tandem passengers must be 10 years of age or older, weigh no heavier than 95kg, and be able to jog 4-5 steps so the Instructor can build up a safe takeoff speed before leaving the ground.


Suitable footwear such as walking or running shoes must be worn. Thongs, bare feet, business shoes or high heels are not allowed. Comfortable clothing should be worn and an extra layer such as a jacket, windcheater or jumper is a good idea as it can be several degrees colder at altitude.

With the current Covid-19 restrictions in place all passengers are required to wear a suitable face mask that covers their mouth and nose during the flight. Passengers are welcome to supply their own but otherwise one will be provided by us. Hand sanitizer is also available and all equipment is cleaned after each flight.

Flight duration of up to 30 minutes depending on weather conditions.

Gift vouchers are available