Australia's best flying sites - Open all year

Why choose to learn with Paratech?

You need to be aware that all schools are only teaching you the very basics of paragliding and even after obtaining your solo licence you still need ongoing support, advice and supervision to progress safely into the sport. We do all that for free with our local graduates so there is more to consider than just the best price when choosing the right school.

We are only a short 1hr drive from the Brisbane CBD, Gold Coast and major airports and operate all year round.

Paratech have 4 World class novice friendly mountain sites with 7 launches up to 2000ft in height which are flyable in both thermic and sea breeze conditions.


We teach only small groups of students each day for a fast progression into the sport and better value for your money.

We have the largest team of local experienced instructors and continue to provide free support to all of our customers long after they are fully licenced. We always have an instructor top and bottom of the mountain providing radio assistance and guidance for a higher level of safety.

We are strongly recommended by local experienced pilots as the school of choice for the best results and we encourage people to come ask the locals for yourself or meet us for a chat onsite before booking. No obligation. Check us out.

We sell a wide variety of major brand paragliding equipment selected for its performance, durability, availability, warranty and customer satisfaction.

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you'll see that when compared to others, we are one of the most active training facilities who teach students from start to finish.

Video: A typical 3rd day of training on one of our 9 day Licence Courses.

This group of students had progressed to the very top of the training hills by the end of the second day and are now preparing for their first high solo glides from our high mountain sites. After the morning session and some classroom theory everyone got to launch from an 1800ft mountain solo while under direct radio supervision by the Paratech Instructors.

When is the best time to learn?

Paragliders can be flown anytime as long the wind is not too strong or if its raining.


South East Queensland Winters are usually quite dry and mild which allow us to genuinely teach all year round while most schools in the southern states and coastal areas of Australia simply shut down. Meanwhile, here in Canungra, thanks to our multiple high mountain sites facing west and east, local pilots can still thermal up to 5000ft and fly more then 50km cross country during the shortest days of the year!

Summer days can sometimes be quite warm so we simply often fly just after dawn and in the late afternoons to avoid the heat and strong thermal activity during your initial training. Once you progress from the training hill and start flying from the mountains the summer heat is not an issue as it is often nice and cool up high. Summer sea-breezes also offer good dynamic soaring with pilots often riding smooth lift up to 3000ft with spectacular views of the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


So when's the best time to learn? ....Right now!!