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Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Beginner options

Beginner to Advanced Instruction

We offer a variety of training options for beginners and experienced pilots including solo introductions, full licence courses, refreshers, advanced flying and conversion courses for international pilots, hang glider pilots and skydivers. All modern equipment is supplied.

Upcoming course dates can be found below and on our Facebook events page click here.

Tandem paragliding australia

Intro + Tandem


A single day introduction to solo training and a tandem instructional high glide from an 1800ft mountain!

skywalk Paragliders australia

2 Day Intro

2 full days of solo training

Get started on your PG2 licence

All equipment supplied

paragliding lessons queensland

9 Day Solo

Our  9 day intensive solo licence course includes 2 extra FREE days if required & a $200 new glider discount.

paragliding lessons australia

Skydiver Conversion

Available only for experienced licenced skydivers with 200+ logged jumps

Niviuk Paragliders Australia

Hang Glider Conversion

Available for licenced SAFA hang glider pilots with 50+ logged flying hours

skywalk paragliders australia

Refresher Course


Refresher courses for pilots who are feeling a bit rusty. Day rate applies.

Skywalk Paragliders Australia

Advanced Lessons

& Licence Upgrades

For licenced pilots of all levels. Improve your skills and fly higher, further, faster..

Skywalk paragliders australia

Speed Wing
Mini Wing licence

Available for PG4 pilots or Class C skydivers with PG3 ratings.

tandem paragliding australia

Tandem Endorsement


Available for PG5 pilots seeking to obtain their Sports Tandem rating

Upcoming 9 Day Solo Course Start Dates 2024

January 6th-14th

February 3rd-11th

March 2nd-10th

March 29th-6th April (EASTER)

April 20th-28th

May 11th-19th

June 1st-9th

June 22nd-30th

Tandem Solo Intro and 2 day Solo courses are available by appointment Monday to Friday or commencing on 9 Day Solo Course start dates, only if spots are available 1 week prior.

Please contact us to check availability before payment

When is the best time to learn?

Paragliders can be flown anytime as long the wind is not too strong or if its raining.


South East Queensland Winters are usually quite dry and mild which allow us to genuinely teach all year round and is our recommended time of year to begin solo training (March-November).

Thanks to our multiple high mountain sites facing west and east, pilots can still thermal up to 5000ft and fly more then 50km cross country during the shortest days of the year in June and July!

Summer days can be quite warm and humid so we simply often fly early in the morning and in the late afternoons to avoid the heat and strong thermal activity during your practical training. We have a large airconditioned classroom so we often retreat there during the middle of the day to complete the required theory components. Once you progress from the training hill and start flying from the mountains, the heat is not an issue as it is often nice and cool up high. Summer sea-breezes also offer good dynamic soaring with pilots often riding smooth lift up to 3000ft with spectacular views of the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Video: A typical 3rd day of training on one of our 9 day Licence Courses.

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