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Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia

Skydiving to Paragliding Conversions

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Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia

Price: $2500

We offer a $200 discount on our PG2 licence courses (normally $2700) to only very experienced skydivers. You can expect 6-8 full days of training to achieve the PG2 rating.

Our Chief Flight Instructor has taught many skydivers over the years including tandem jump masters with 8000+ dives and has personally completed his A Licence recently.

Generally we find that experienced skydivers are comfortable in the air when its smooth but that's where it ends. A paraglider is a finely tuned, responsive aircraft that feels nothing at all like a skydiving canopy. The harness is worn loosely, not tight, and you fly in a sitting position on a seat that tilts from side to side. Skydivers are usually very heavy handed on the controls at first which can result in spinning or stalling the paraglider (which is bad) so there are certain intuitive reactions and preconceptions that need to be addressed when your training first begins.

Ask any skydiver who flies paragliders and they will tell you that to fly a paraglider with any degree of skill is nothing at all like skydiving.

To qualify for the skydiving conversion course you must have logged a minimum of 200 jumps and have jumped within the last 24 months. You will be required to provide documented evidence before any discount is given on the normal PG2 licence courses.

We teach in a inland mountain environment where you'll learn the basic skills needed to climb up to cloudbase and fly cross country, not just goofing around on sand dunes. Thermalling and Cross Country (XC) flying is not something you can figure out yourself just because you have some canopy time, it involves understanding aerodynamics, advanced meteorology, environmental awareness, navigation and flying an aircraft that requires a light touch and high level of co-ordination to be efficient and remain safe.

The PG2 course is skill based so you will only progress when you demonstrate consistent technique and smooth control. You can expect 6-8 full days of training with about 8 hours of theory and an examination. Only when the Chief Flight Instructor is satisfied will you be signed off for the PG2 licence. You can still not then legally fly a paraglider until the Sports Aviation of Australia (SAFA) has received full payment from you for the PG2 licence and a full membership payment. It is a breach of Civil Aviation Law to fly a paraglider without a current licence and you can/will be prosecuted for doing so.

You will be taught...

Basic aerodynamics and meteorology

Flight rules and Civil Aviation regulations

Airspace requirements

Equipment preflight and safety checks

Front and rear launch techniques

Kiting and advanced ground control

Speeds to fly

Pitch, roll and yaw co-ordination

Turn co-ordination, 360 degree turns, 180 degree roll reversals

Circuit approach and small landing field approach techniques

Height loss techniques

Tracking, crabbing and navigation

Flying amongst traffic and collision avoidance

Dynamic ridge soaring and thermal soaring techniques

Equipment selection choices

and more....

Paratech Paragliding run skydiving conversions on demand or you can slot in with normal students on a licence course so simply contact us for a chat and arrange a suitable start date.

Total price includes GST but does not include the SAFA student training fee ($32), the Canungra Club student fee ($20) and the SAFA full membership fee required for the issue of the PG2 licence. A $500 deposit is required before any booking is confirmed.

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