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Terms & Payments

Tandem Flights


Before making any payments please take the time to read our terms and conditions below carefully.

If purchasing a Tandem Experience voucher, once payment is received we will send an evoucher to you within a few hours which can be printed or emailed to the recipient and they can then contact us to arrange a suitable date.

 If purchasing a flight for yourself, please contact us first to check available dates.


Tandem passengers must be a minimum of 12 years old and weigh no heavier than 90kg and no lighter than 35kg.

Passengers must be able to run for 5-10 steps so the Instructor can build up a safe takeoff speed before leaving the ground.

If purchasing a Tandem Experience Voucher as a gift please ensure the recipient fulfills the above weight and mobility requirements and is of course a willing participant.

Before flying all passengers must sign an insurance waiver and SAFA (Sports Aviation Federation of Australia) membership form. This is done electronically on site with your Tandem Pilot. 

Passengers under the age of 18 years must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign the insurance waiver on their behalf.

Refusing to complete the waiver will result in the cancellation of the flight and no refund will be given.


Suitable footwear such as walking or running shoes must be worn. Thongs, bare feet, business shoes or high heels are not allowed. Comfortable clothing should be worn and an extra layer such as a jacket, windcheater or jumper is a good idea as it can be several degrees colder at altitude.

Tandem passengers are permitted to carry cameras or phones but only with a lanyard attached to take footage. Helmet cameras are not allowed. Paratech Paragliding will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any such devices during any flight activities.

Paratech Paragliding can also provide remote control Bluetooth 'selfie sticks' which are compatible with both Android phones, iPhones and GoPro's at no extra charge, but again, will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to such devices incurred though the use of our equipment during any flight activities.


Passengers are not permitted to fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs and if any Paratech staff suspect this is the case then the flight will be cancelled due to safety and insurance requirements and no refund will be given.

Passengers should allow 1 hour from the arranged meeting time to allow for completing waivers, preflight briefing, actual flying time and returns. If participants arrive later than the arranged meeting time their flight may be postponed for several hours or possibly to another date depending on other customer bookings or changing weather conditions.

Flight times can vary depending on the conditions and usually last around 10-15 min from takeoff to touchdown.

All tandem Flights are weather dependent and must be booked in advance.


Participants contact Paratech Paragliding via txt 0432 105906 on the day prior to their booking to confirm a time and location which will be set depending on forecasted wind directions and strengths.

If the conditions are unsuitable or change prior to launching we will postpone flights until conditions improve on the day or will arrange another suitable date. No refund will offered at this time. We simply ask for your patience and understanding that safety and and providing an enjoyable experience is our goal and we certainly cannot control the weather.

Tandem Experience Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash but can be transferred to another participant who satisfies the passenger requirements and has agreed to the terms and conditions of our tandem flights. 

Vouchers are valid for 2 years from the purchase date.


Tandem soaring flights are available by appointment only as this is a highly weather dependant activity for an unpowered aircraft. Participants can book in advance but must check in via text 24hrs prior to confirm they are available and if the weather is suitable. If the forecast is unsuitable for soaring on that day another date must be arranged. These flights are around 25min duration and payment can only be made on the day with cash or credit card. ($350 inc gst)

Gift vouchers are NOT available for soaring flights.


Paratech Paragliding are a SAFA licenced and approved flight training facility and therefore fully covered by Professional Liability Insurance and 3rd party personal and property damage.

That's it for the fine print. Lets go flying!


Solo Training

Before making any payments please take the time to read our terms and conditions below carefully, then contact us to confirm that your preferred dates are available.

Upcoming course dates can be found on our Facebook events page.

Click here


Before any solo training commences you must first pay for a Sports Aviation Federation of Australia student training membership ($32 valid for 30 days which can be extended for up to 2 years) and have received your individual pilot number so that you are covered by the mandatory $20,000,000 third party insurance which has been stipulated as a requirement by the CAA. This is not included in your Paratech training costs and must be done all participants themselves at least 48hrs prior to commencing training. You will need to present your individual SAFA pilot number to Paratech staff to complete the initial paperwork on the first day. Absolutely no practical training can be commenced until this has been done. No exceptions.

Students also must join the Canungra Paragliding Club as a student member (only 1 x $20 payment) for the duration of their training as a club requirement. If you end up joining the club as a full member once licenced, this amount will be deducted from the full member annual fee.

All students are required to sign a waiver and health declaration before training commences.

Paratech Paragliding solo students must be at least 15 years of age, weigh no heavier than 110kg, be reasonably fit and no older than 60 years of age. However, if you are over the age of 60 with above average fitness levels and currently an extreme sports enthusiast (kite surfing, rock climbing, martial arts, skydiving, surfing) OR with a current and extensive aviation background, we will consider individual cases by application.

There is a small chance of being pulled and dragged along the ground if you are not fast on your feet when first practicing in strong winds, which is why we have placed restrictions on who we choose to teach, especially the elderly, or individuals with poor language skills. Please give us a call to discuss.

The initial days of training are physically and mentally quite tiring for students as they tend to wrestle or try to pull the paraglider instead of moving efficiently with it. Flying a paraglider once you have mastered the basics is fairly effortless, but the first few days of training are certainly a fun workout for most.

Students who are less than 18 years of age will need a parent or legal guardian to sign their SAFA indemnity waiver.

All students must be able to speak, write and easily understand the English language for safety reasons. Students who fail to understand instructional commands risk serious injury and will receive a partial refund if this is found to be the case.

Paragliders are certified aircraft and can only be flown by pilots who hold a current paragliding licence issued by a SAFA approved (Sports Aviation Federation of Australia) training facility or be directly supervised at all times by a SAFA qualified instructor employed by an approved SAFA facility. All paraglider pilots have to strictly adhere to CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) rules and regulations which apply directly to them and all aircraft.

Paratech Paragliding have a zero tolence policy for any verbal abuse, racist remarks or sexual harrassment of any of our staff or customers. Paratech staff reserve the right to cease training immediately if this is the case and a partial refund will be offered to any offenders.

Paratech Paragliding staff have the right to cease practical training at any time if they believe the training conditions are unsuitable or unsafe. Any full practical training days lost will be credited for a later date.

Paratech Paragliding have strict non smoking policy in or on any flying sites, training sites, classrooms, private property, airstrips or vehicles.

Students are not permitted to train or fly under the influence of alcohol, drugs or strong medications and if any Paratech staff suspect this is the case then the individuals training will be cancelled due to safety and insurance requirements and a partial refund will be given.

Students are not permitted to train with personal cameras or any similar devices attached anywhere on their body, helmet or flying equipment.

Participants on the intro or 2 day introduction courses must be paid in full prior to the commencement date.

Students on single day rates must pay before each day of training commences.

Students on the intro day + high glide tandem may have to reschedule the tandem glide if weather is unsuitable.

Participants on the nine day licence course, skydiving and hang gliding conversion courses must pay a $500 deposit to secure a booking with the balance paid by the end of Day 1. The $500 deposit is non refundable from 14 days prior to your course starting.

Any students who complete 9 full practical days and do not complete the PG2 licence requirements receive an extra 2 practical training days for free. After the extra 2 days are completed if the student has still not satisfied the licence requirement they will be charged at a negotiated day by day rate for any further training. There are no refunds for incompleted courses.

A $200.00 discount on a NEW Skywalk paraglider is available for any 9 day licence course participants. This does offer does not include used or demo gliders or other equipment and must be claimed within 30 days of course completion.

Pilot ratings


A student pilot who must be directly supervised at all times by a qualified SAFA instructor employed by an approved SAFA training facility until completing the PG2 licence requirements.


A pilot that has completed the minimum SAFA PG2 licence requirements and been signed off by a SAFA Chief Flight Instructor.

Only after the signed licence form has been submitted with a full membership payment to the SAFA office will the PG2 licence be issued.

PG2 licenced paraglider pilots must be supervised by an Instructor, Safety Officer or duty pilot for their entire flights and have their log book signed for each individual flight until satisfying the PG3 requirements.



A pilot that has completed a minimum of 15 hours airtime and 60 flights from 5 different sites, (3 of which must be inland). Completed 3 soaring flights, have a VHF radio endorsement, flown a minimum of 2 hours in thermic conditions and have a verified logbook of their flights.

PG3 pilots must have a Safety officer, duty pilot or Instructor present before launching at any site.



A pilot that has passed a PG4 theoretical exam and received a VHF endorsement. Must have logged a minimum of 30 hours over a minimum of 25 days. Completed 2 flights >550ft agl, a minimum of 5 hours in thermic lift, 5 hours in ridge lift and flown 4 different sites

We can accept credit card payments over the phone, "Buy Now" on the buttons below and also take payments on the hill via a wireless POS device.

If you experience any problems using the "Buy Now" buttons below, please contact us via phone or email so we can assist with your payment asap.

Tandem Experience Voucher


2 Day Introduction


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 Solo Intro & Tandem 


9 Day Licence Course


A $500 deposit must be paid before any booking is confirmed.

Please call 0432 105906 before any payment is made to discuss the course details with our Chief Flight Instructor Jason Turner


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Skydiving  & Hang Gliding

Conversion courses


A $500 deposit must be paid before any booking is confirmed

Please call 0432 105906 before making any payment to to discuss course details with our Chief Flight Instructor Jason Turner

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PG1 4 day


A $500 deposit must be paid before any booking is confirmed.

Please call 0432 105906 before any payment is made to discuss the course details with our Chief Flight Instructor Jason Turner


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Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
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