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We can offer discounts on package deals and will match any written quotes in Australia on identical products.

If you fly in the Canungra area you will recieve the added value of having us nearby or onsite to give you real time assistance if needed and some red hot flying tips for the day.

Paratech Paragliding are official importers and distributors for Skywalk Paragliders in Australia.

Skywalk is our signature brand so we generally carry a lot of their stock for immediate purchase and can offer the fastest delivery if ordering from the factory. All Skywalk paragliders come with a 2+2 year guarantee. Not many manufacturers offer such a long guarantee which is one of the many reasons why we strongly recommend and fly Skywalk Paragliders.

More recently we have established a relationship with Niviuk Paragliders, another long standing and popular brand renowned for their cutting edge designs and high performance gliders such as the X-One and soon to be released Artic R. 

We are also agents for Advance, Phi, BGD, Nova, Flow and a wide variety of other major brands selected by us for their build quality, speed of delivery and value for money so that we can give our customers a wider variety of options if requested.

Click on the logos below to visit each manufacturers website and get back to us for a competitive quote.





flymaster GPS australia
Niviuk logo.jpg
skywalk paraglider mescal australia

Skywalk Mescal 6 EN-A

Entry Level


More Information..

Skywalk paraglider Arriba 4 australia

Skywalk Arriba 4 EN-B

Lightweight Sports


More Information....

Skywalk paragliders Arak australia

Skywalk Arak EN-B

Lightweight Multiglider


More Information..

Skywalk paragliders spice 2 australia

Skywalk Spice 2 EN-C

High Intermediate Light


More Information..

Skywalk paragliders Joint 3 tandem australia

Skywalk Join'T 3



More Information..

niviuk paragliders australia

Niviuk Paragliders


email for price

More Information..

flow paragliders australia

Flow Paragliders


email for price

More Information..

Skywalk paragliders Masala 3 australia

Skywalk Masala 3 EN-A

Entry Level Lightweight


More Information..

Skywalk paraglider Chili 5 australia

Skywalk Chilli 5 EN-B

Intermediate Performance


More Information...

Skywalk Arak Air paraglider Australia

Skywalk Arak Air EN-B

Ultralight Multiglider


More Information..

skywalk spirit paraglider australia

Skywalk Spirit

Ultralight Alpine Mini


More Information

Skywalk paraglider Tonic 2 australia

Skywalk Tonic 2



More Information..

advance paragliders sigma 11 australia

Advance Paragliders


email for price

More Information..

phi paragliders australia

Phi Paragliders


email for price

More Information..

Skywalk paraglider Tequila 5 australia

Skywalk Tequila 5 EN-B

Entry Level Peformance


More Information....


Skywalk Cumeo 2 EN-B

Intermediate Lightweight


More Information

Skywalk paragliders Cayenne 6 australia

Skywalk Cayenne 6 EN-C

High Intermediate


more Information

skywalk Xalps5 paraglider

Skywalk X-Alps 5 EN-D

Lightweight 2 Liner


More Information

skywalk paraglider tonka 2 australia

Tonka 3 Hike & Fly


Coming soon!


nova paragliders australia

Nova Paragliders


email for price

More Information..

bgd paragliders australia

BGD Paragliders


email for price

More Information..


skywalk paragliders cruise harness, paragliding australia

Skywalk Cruise


High comfort

Compact design

Carbon seat

Battery air pump

More Information..

Skywalk paragliders breeze harness australia

Skywalk Breeze





Certified Airbag

Flight deck

More Information..

skywalk paragliders core, paragliding queensland

Skywalk Core/Permair



Extreme lightweight


Add on Airbag

More Information..

skywalk paragliders paragliding pod harness australia

Skywalk X-Alps 2

Lightweight Pod


Light weight 1.7kg (S)



Extremely Compact

Permair Technology

More Information..

Advance paragliders Lightness 3 harness australia

Advance Lightness 3


Light weight 3.5kg (M)

Includes compress bag and lightpack backpack. Optional windscreen.

Supreme Comfort

More Information..

Advance paragliders impress 4 harness austraia

Advance Impress 4


Simply the Best

XC Comp Pod

Aerodynamic Tail

Optional windscreen

More Information..

Niviuk paragliders hawk pod harness australia

Niviuk Hawk



Entry Level Pod

3D Modelling


More Information..

Niviuk paragliders Arrow pod harness australia

Niviuk Arrow



High Performance


More Information..

Runa paragliding pod harness australia





Aerodynamic design

Custom colour option

More Information..

Advance paragliders Axcess 4 australia

Advance Axcess 4


More Information

 advance paragliders easiness 3 australia

Advance Easiness 3 Reversable

$1190.00 (inc zip back)

More Information..

Advance paragliders success 5 australia

Advance Success 5


More Information..

Advance paragliders BiPro3 Tandem harness australia

Advance BiPro 3 


More Information..

Advance paragliders Progress 3 australia

Advance Progress Reversable


More Information..

advance paragliders Bipax harness australia

Advance BiPax


More Information..

skywalk paragliders easy bag australia
skywalk paragliders australia easy bag

Skywalk Easy Bag

Ultimate Quickpack Backpack


Skywalk paragliders Australia,Salewa Hike and Fly Backpack
Skywalk paragliders Alpine backpack australia, salewa

Skywalk Alpine



Skywalk paragliders australia,Salewa Hike and fly backpack

Skywalk Salewa Backpacks

35Lt - 55Lt -75Lt

$235 - $265 - $295

Simply the best hike and fly backpacks on the market.

Lightweight, durable, 3 sizes for an exact fit and the Salewa dry back foam to keep unwanted moisture away from your valuable gear.

More Info...


Niviuk Koli Bag

Quick pack Bag


niviuk paragliders australia

 SEA Easy Bag

Quick pack Backpack


Skywalk paragliders concertina bag Paragliding

Skywalk Concertina


Niviuk paraglider concertina compress bag

Ultralight Concertina



Reserve Parachutes

Skywalk paragliders Pepper Light

990 grams (S)

Skywalk Pepper Light


More Information..

Tapa x-Alps reserve Skywalk paragliders

Tapa X-Alps

from $1050.00

More Information..

Skywalk paragliders Salsa parachute

Skywalk Salsa


More Information..

Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia

Companion SQR Series


More Information..

niviuk paragliders australia



1200gm 100kg

Paragliding lessons australia

Nova Pentagon


More Information..

There are a wide range of reserves available from basic rounds to steerable rogallos. Hopefully never needed but still nice to know they are there.

From $840-$1300


Flymaster vario australia

Flymaster Vario LS


More Information..

flymaster live ds, paragliding australia, paratech, paragliding

Flymaster LIVE DS


More Information..

Syride Sys Alti

Syride Sys Alti


More Information..

flytec element alto

Flytec Element Alto


More Information..


Naviter Oudie N


More Information..

Paragliding Flight deck advance

Advance Cockpit Carry


Flymaster GPS Australia

Flymaster GPS LS


More Information..

Skybean 2 vario

Skybean 2


More Information..

syride sysgps v3

Syride GPS


More Information..

Flytec element speed

Flytec Element Speed


More Information..

Syride SYS Evolution Vario

Syride Sys Evolution


More Information..

paragliding radio pouch

Radio Chest Bag


Flymaster GPS Holder australia

Flymaster Pocket Holder


More Information..

Final Render.63.png

Flymaster GPS M series


More Information

syride sysnav v3

Syride Sys Nav


More Information..

flytec element track

Flytec Element Track


More Information..

Naviter Hyper GPS

Naviter Hyper


More Information..

Paragliding Gloves

Gil 3 Seasons

All season glove


There also lots more high quality Skywalk accessories and clothing here which you can buy from us with a custom order

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