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Accommodation / Weather / Memberships

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Beechmont Wind

Hinchies Wind

Tamborine Wind

Beechmont Webcam

Tamborine Webcam


Bom Radar


Gliding forecast QLD RASP

Brisbane Area Observations

HD Satellite Image

Brisbane Doppler Radar

Atmospheric soundings

Skysight (Subscription required- 7 days free)



Sports Aviation Federation of Australia

SAFA Student Membership Registration

Canungra Paragliding Club

Canungra Club Student Membership


Other Interests

Cross Country Magazine

Flybubble YouTube Channel

Cloudbase Mayhem

How to pack your paraglider

Paragliding training video

Please note this is not a teach yourself video. It is illegal in Australia to operate a paraglider on the ground or in the air without a PG2 licence unless directly supervised by a qualified SAFA instructor due to the mandatory insurance requirements and the risk of serious injury to yourself or the general public. You can actually be prosecuted by law and face very large fines or jail sentences.

Thermals Part 1 - Will Gadd

Thermals Part 2 - Will Gadd

Thermals Part 3 - Will Gadd

Follow CFI Jason Turner's latest flights

World XC Contest - whos flown where?


Airbnb Canungra


Canungra Showground camping

Scenic Rim Camping

The Canungra Hotel

The Canungra Motel Canungra

Beechmont paragliding launch
Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Paratech paragliding australia
Paragliding Australia
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