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Paratech Paragliding lessons Australia
Solo Tandem

Solo Beginner to Advanced Instruction

We offer a variety of training options for beginners and experienced pilots including solo introductions, full licence courses, refresher days, advanced flying and conversion courses for international pilots, hang glider pilots and skydivers. All modern equipment is supplied.  

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Solo Intro + Tandem High Glide


Join us for a real 'hands on' solo introduction AND get to fly down from one of our 1800ft mountains in a tandem paraglider! 

All modern equipment is supplied and the day starts in the classroom meeting the instructors, watching a short video presentation, some basic classroom theory and finally being fitted out with the correct size paraglider, harness and helmet (you can bring your own if you like).

Depending on the weather conditions on the day you will then either head straight up to one of our high mountain launches for a tandem ride down, or go to a local training area for some real hands on solo practice for 2-3 hours and do the tandem afterwards.

The tandem flight is a glide down only, but you will experience all the excitement of launching from an 1800ft mountain and get to fly the tandem paraglider for yourself with an experienced instructor sitting behind you. Your instructor will launch and land the glider but the middle part is all with you at the controls, learning how to steer and control the speed of the glider.

We have bonus offer included that is, if you book a 9 day licence course within 2 months of completing a single day or a tandem flight we'll remove $295.00 from our licence course (the course can start after 2 months).

Our price includes all equipment and GST but does not include the SAFA mandatory student membership fee ($32.00 valid for 30 days). Weight and age limits apply. See Terms and Conditions

Solo Day
learn to paraglide queensland

2 Day Intro

Our 2 day intro is perfect for anyone seeking a proper introduction into paragliding or a great start for any individuals wanting a solo licence, but are unable to attend our intensive 9 day licence course. Available Monday to Friday by appointment only, or on the first 2 days of any scheduled 9 day solo courses only if spaces are available one week prior.


You'll learn basic theory, how to carry out pre-flight checks, launch the paraglider in a variety of wind strengths and experience your first solo flights from small training hills with radio assistance if weather permits.


We have bonus offer included that is....if you book and pay for a 9 day licence course within 3 months of completing a 2 day intro or a Solo + Tandem intro, we'll reduce the cost of our 9 day licence course cost by $590 for the 2 day course, or $195 for the solo + tandem, AND you can repeat the first 2 days of the 9 day course for FREE. (the 9 Day course can start after 2 months, we just ask for the balance due at the time of booking)

Our price includes all equipment and GST but does not include the SAFA mandatory student membership fee ($32.00 valid for 30 days). Weight and age limits apply. See Terms & Conditions

Paratech Paragliding Australia
Licence Course

9 Day Solo Course

This is our most popular course and by far the best option if you are looking for the fastest and most cost effective way to achieve your PG2 solo licence. The course runs for 9 consecutive days and we include an extra 2 days free training for any students who do not satisfy the PG2 solo licence  requirements after the 9 day course is completed.  We also include a $200.00 discount on any NEW glider purchase for all participants.

Paratech only teach small groups of students at a time so that we can provide a more comprehensive, efficient and individual training experience. Large group numbers always result in time delays and missed flying opportunities, no matter how many instructors are available. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you will see just how quickly our students move from the training hills and begin flying confidently from our local 2000ft mountain launches, which is one of the many reasons why we are the #1 recommended school by local pilots.


To receive the PG2 solo licence you must first complete a minimum of 30 solo flights, including 3 soaring flights or 10 flights demonstrating soaring skills (figure 8 turns and 360's), pass a theoretical exam and demonstrate consistently, all the basic skills needed to fly without an instructor directly supervising you. Paratech students learn to thermal and ridge soar at actual flying sites alongside local club pilots and are introduced to local safety officers during their training who continue to mentor new pilots long after they have been issued a PG2 licence. Depending on weather conditions, each day is spent focused primarily on practical training with approximately 10 hours of classroom theory also spread throughout the week.


Paratech Paragliding have the largest team of instructors in Queensland who are all safety officers within the Canungra Club which is all the more reason to learn with us. Ongoing supervision and mentoring is critical after your training to help build more confidence and fine tune your skills.

We certainly can't absolutely guarantee your PG2 licence in 9 days. If the weather is good, most students will graduate, but of course some don't. There can sometimes be weather delays, confidence or fitness issues and everyone progresses at their own pace not ours. Our instructors will never push anyone out of their comfort zone and will also hold back any overconfident students if they exhibit poor technique or complacency. Any days lost during the course due to poor weather are simply credited to a later suitable date.

Our price includes all equipment and GST but does not include the SAFA mandatory student membership fee ($32.00 valid for 30 days) and the Canungra Hang Gliding Club student fee ($20 covers all training). Age and weight limits apply. See Terms and Conditions

Upcoming 9 Day Solo Course Start Dates 2024

January 6th-14th

February 3rd-11th

March 2nd-10th

March 29th-6th April (EASTER)

April 20th-28th

May 11th-19th

June 1st-9th

June 22nd-30th

Tandem Solo Intro and 2 day Solo courses are available by appointment Monday to Friday or commencing on 9 Day Solo Course start dates, only if spots are available 1 week prior.

Please contact us to check availability before payment

Video: A typical 3rd day of training on one of our 9 day Solo Courses.

Still not convinced to go with Paratech? Email us or phone 0432 105906 (7am-7pm) to find out when and where there will be some flying in our local area, then approach any local pilot onsite and ask who they would choose to learn with. We are totally confident they will recommend Paratech Paragliding. Alternatively, checkout our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages to see what we are up to right now!!

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