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Paragliding lessons Australia


Solo lessons - Tandem flights - Equipment sales


Located 1 hour from Brisbane, Gold Coast and major airports

World class novice friendly flying sites from 1500 - 2000ft high!

Winter and Summer training all within 40min of Canungra


SAFA approved flight training facility

Transport included once onsite. Air-conditioned classroom

Niviuk Paragliders Australia


Beginners to Advanced. All equipment supplied. Introductions, licence courses, advanced pilot training and endorsements. 

BGD paragliders Australia

Tandem Flights

Experience the thrill of paragliding in a glider built for two and fly from one of our high mountain sites in the Scenic Rim

Paratech Paragliding australia

Equipment Sales

We sell all the gear you need. Paragliders, harnesses, instruments and more..

About Paratech Paragliding

Paratech are based at Canungra in the spectacular Gold Coast Hinterland less than 1 hour from the Brisbane CBD and International airports in Queensland Australia.

We have access to several large flying sites suitable for most wind directions and between 1500-2000ft in height. They are all novice friendly grass launches with large landing areas and flyable for 12 months of the year. All training and flying takes place within 40 minutes of Canungra, so there are no long drives or overnight stays in remote locations. Once onsite we provide transport to our training hills and mountain launches. We have a dedicated air conditioned classroom with a toilet and kitchen facilities. Canungra is a small tourist town with lots of small cafes, takeaways, supermarket and a pub.

We teach our students on grass covered flying sites and training hills, not on hot, sandy, windblown beaches like with some other schools. Sand is difficult to walk in and gets EVERYWHERE!!

Paratech are one of only a few schools that teach throughout the winter months with great success, while most coastal schools and schools in the Southern states are forced to close due to a lack of suitable flying weather. Queenslands traditionally dry winters provide excellent flying, and we strongly recommend beginning your training from autumn through to spring to avoid the summertime heat, humidity and strong thermals.

We work with only with small groups of new students each day (1-6 max), which allows us to move faster through the early training stages and take advantage of any small weather opportunities when flying from our high mountain sites. It is simply not possible for students at any training facility to fly simultaneously for the obvious safety reasons, and the fact that it is rarely 'flyable all day' for beginners. A large group might be a fun social environment, but if you want a more personalised experience and more actual's what we are selling.

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you will see we are an active school, constantly teaching new students how to fly at some of Australia's premier flying sites while integrating them into the local club as part of our comprehensive training packages. All students all learn 'hands on' from day 1 at a wide variety of training hills and real flying sites, which gives them the best possible start into the sport. We also continue to mentor our local graduates long after their initial training is finished.

All modern equipment is included in the cost, with no pressure to buy any equipment until you feel ready. We of course can supply a full range of the latest equipment when ready to go for it, and can certainly offer discounts on packages.

Our local flying club has over 150 active members (male & female) including recreational, advanced and international competition pilots and a large number of volunteer Safety Officers who are required to be onsite when new PG2 pilots go flying.

Paratech's Chief Flight Instructor, Jason Turner, has nearly 35 years flying experience in paragliders, hang gliders, sailplanes, ultralights and more recently...skydiving. Jason's story was recently featured on Channel 9's popular lifestyle program "My Way" and can be seen here.

Jason is well known for his calm, comprehensive and adaptive teaching methods with a high regard for student safety. He is still a formidable and well respected pilot with recent podium finishes in competitions, several long distance flight records and has much more to offer our students than most entry level instructors thanks to his extensive and proven flying background.

Jason Turner paragliding instructor

1st Place Sports and Fun Class 2023 New Zealand Nationals

Overall winner XC Camp Manilla 2018

2nd Place Overall XC Camp Manilla 2024

Top 3 Overall Australian National Ladder 2013

Dual Sports Class XC record holder - 365km (view flight)

Canungra HG & PG Club Safety Officer

SAFA Chief Flight Instructor with 27 years teaching experience

Flying full time since 1991

8000+ flying hours / 3000+ Tandem Flights

"Teaching people to fly must be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. From the training hill to soaring high above the mountains, I get to share in the celebration and pure joy of each students first flights as if it was my own."  - Jason Turner

Paratech Team Members



Level 2 Instructor



Level 1 Instructor



Level 2 Instructor

About Paragliding

Paragliding is not a new or radical sport. It's origins go back over 40 years and today's pilots have all been trained by professional instructors, have a paragliding licence and fly factory built and tested aircraft.

Once you have learned the basics and obtained your licence there are a lot of different ways you can enjoy flying a paraglider. From coastal ridge soaring in smooth laminar air to riding strong thermals up thousands of feet to the clouds and then gliding cross country for a few kilometers or even hundred's of kilometers. The current World Record is 615km in a single flight!

You might like to try and "hike and fly" where you have ultralight equipment which allows you to walk up a mountain to fly back down or even travel cross country while camping out up high under the stars overnight. A modern full kit including a helmet, harness and reserve parachute can weigh only 12kg and ultralight kits can weigh less than 5kg! Other options include acrobatic flight, speed flying down steep terrain and paramotoring.

Whatever your choice, once licenced you are free to travel the World with just a glider on your back, a few clothes and your passport ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


Contact us

Paratech Paragliding

82 Wagonwheel Rd Boyland Qld

PO Box 80

Canungra Qld 4275

ABN: 64 821 698 078


                                                                          mobile: 0432 105906

WhatsApp: +61 432 105906


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