"Making your dream of flight a reality"

Australia's best flying sites - Open all year

World Class novice friendly flying sites with 7 launches from 1500 - 2000ft high!

Only 1 hour from Brisbane's CBD, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise and major airports

Largest team of experienced local instructors available for ongoing support and advice

Solo lesson and tandem flight specialists

Advanced coaching for experienced pilots

Small VIP groups of students for a fast progression and better value for money


Sports Aviation Federation of Australia approved flight training facility


Recommended by licenced pilots

Local accommodation available

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About Paratech Paragliding

We are based at Canungra in the spectacular Gold Coast Hinterland less than 1 hour from the Brisbane CBD, International airports and Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia and the number one choice for recommended schools by local pilots.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you will see we are actively teaching new students at actual flying sites and integrating them with the local club as part of our comprehensive training packages.

We have four major flying sites and 7 launches nearly 2000ft in height with novice friendly grass launches and landing areas which are flyable for 12 months of the year. Even the Winter months provide excellent flying and training conditions thanks to the mild and dry climate.

Our local flying club has over 125 active members which include recreational, advanced and competition pilots with a large number of Safety Officers.


We have the largest team of local experienced and enthusiastic instructors who continue to support and mentor all of our graduates long after they have completed their training. We always have an instructor positioned top and bottom of the mountain for radio assistance and a higher level of safety.


Paratech's Chief Flight Instructor, Jason Turner, has over 29 years flying experience with paragliders, hang gliders, sailplanes and ultralight aircraft.

A full time Instructor for over 15 years, Jason is well known for his calm, comprehensive and adaptive teaching style with a high regard for student safety. Jason is still a formidable and well respected pilot with recent podium finishes in competitions, several long distance record flights and has much more to offer our students than most entry level instructors, thanks to his extensive and proven flying background.

6000+ flying hours

2500+ Tandem Flights

Overall winner 2018 XC Camp Manilla

Top 3 Overall Australian National Ladder 2013

Dual Sports Class XC record holder - 365km

Canungra HG & PG Club Safety Officer

SAFA Chief Flight Instructor


"Teaching people to fly must be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. From the training hill to soaring high above the mountains, I get to share in the celebration and pure joy of each students first flights as if it was my own."

                                                                        - Jason Turner

About Paragliding

Paragliding is not a new or radical sport. It's origins go back over 40 years and today's pilots have all been trained by professional instructors, have a paragliding licence and fly factory built and tested aircraft.

Once you have learned the basics and obtained your licence there are a lot of different ways you can enjoy flying a paraglider. From coastal ridge soaring in smooth laminar air to riding strong thermals up thousands of feet to the clouds and then gliding cross country for a few kilometers or even hundred's of kilometers. The current World Record is just over 580km in a single flight!

You might like to try and "hike and fly" where you have ultralight equipment which allows you to walk up a mountain to fly back down or even travel cross country while camping out up high under the stars overnight. Other options include acrobatic flight, speed flying down steep terrain and paramotoring.

Whatever your choice, once licenced you are free to travel the World with just a glider on your back, a few clothes and your passport ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

When is the best time to learn?


Paragliders can be flown anytime as long the wind is not too strong or if its raining.

South East Queensland Winters are usually quite dry and mild which allow us to genuinely teach all year round while most schools in the southern states and coastal areas of Australia simply shut down. Meanwhile, here in Canungra, thanks to our multiple high mountain sites facing west and east, local pilots can still thermal up to 5000ft and fly more then 50km cross country during the shortest days of the year!

Summer days can be sometimes quite warm so we simply fly just after dawn and in the late afternoons to avoid the heat and strong thermal activity during your initial training. Once you progress from the training hill and start flying from the mountains the summer heat is not an issue as it is often nice and cool up high. Summer sea-breezes also offer good dynamic soaring with pilots often riding smooth lift up to 3000ft with spectacular views of the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


So when's the best time to learn? ....Right now!!

Looking for some inspiration? Check out one of Jean-Baptiste Chandelier's incredible videos and step into the amazing World of Paragliding where you are only limited by your own imagination!

After you've watched it, contact us and we'll hand you the keys so you can start your own unique adventures in paragliding!

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